This Microwave Door Opener is one of our curated designs. It was produced by Ezra Reynolds and is featured on Thingiverse. Links to download this design can be found at the end of this article together with options to order a 3D print and/or design modification from us.

This tool allows people with disability to easily open a microwave and heat up their food by themselves.

This device consists of a slider and a track (two tracks in the file – one screw into the countertop, one can be glued or secured with double-sided tape). The slider can be pushed with a forearm or a clubbed hand, and the slider pushes the microwave door button.

The slider and track should be aligned with the microwave button so that the pusher makes full contact with the button. When the door is shut, the button pops back into place, pushing the slider back to the front of the track.

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To download the file(s) for this design, please click here. If you’d like to learn more about ordering a print or requesting a design modification, please see our 3D Design and 3D Printing services page.

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