Low Vision Cane Holder

This Low Vision Cane Holder is one of our curated designs. It was produced by Ezra Reynolds and is featured on Thingiverse. Links to download this design can be found at the end of this article together with options to order a 3D print and/or design modification from us.

3d print low vission cane holder

This is a simple holder that can be screwed into a coat rack and allows the user to insert a cane on it. While most canes have wrist lanyards or other ways to hang/store the canes, they tend to flop out into the room or become a tripping hazard. This device keeps the cane securely tucked away.

Pictured are how the cane holder can be used on a coat rack (next to commercially available coat hooks).

The edges are round to avoid injury if someone is feeling for the cane.

Fits most cane designs; otherwise, it can be modified/printed bigger.

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