Our mission is to make bespoke, personalised ability aids
readily accessible to everybody in the world. 


3D printing is a technology which makes it possible to produce one-off, perfectly tailored products quickly, easily and inexpensively.

If you can imagine something, chances are it can be 3D printed. Parts are normally printed in plastic, but even when plastic isn’t suitable for the final product, 3D printing is ideal for prototyping before production using traditional methods and materials.

To make bespoke, 3D printed accessibility aids available to as many people as possible, we offer 3 services:

Curated library of 3D printed aid designs (free to download).

Prototyping prior to traditional or mass manufacture.

Learn more about our services and how we can help you or
browse our curated library of free-to-download 3D printable ability aids

"Thanks to ENABL3D.ME, I am thrilled with the handle for my phone. I am no longer worried about dropping it, which I frequently did, being unable to pick it up from being seated in my wheelchair. Just when I really needed it."

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