Homecraft Pick-Up Reacher Modification

This is a 3D-printed modification to the Homecraft Rolyan Pick-Up Reacher. The work was undertaken as part of a project for Remap. Remap is a UK-registered charity that custom-make equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives.

Links to download the free 3D design files can be found at the end of this article together with options to order a 3D print and/or design modification from us.

The problem with the standard grabber was that it only pinches the sides of an object if you pick it up from lying down. The modification with wider jaws and a design that curves round means that it can get underneath the object to ‘scoop’ it… making it easier to pick up (and also maintain hold with a weaker grip).

This short video demonstrates the benefits of using the modification compared to the original…

“[The client] was very impressed with the modified unit. It was very versatile … she was able to pick things off the floor (seated in wheelchair) also from the worktop from a standing position… It was a project very well done.”

Remap Project Coordinator

For each arm there are two 3D-printed parts. The main arm and an aesthetic cap (as illustrated in the images below). For security a small amount of hot-glue was used. For additional security, the design has a recess for a short screw to be added. Finally, for additional grip / friction, a silicon strip was glued along the contact edge (you can see this in blue on the video above). This strip can be made from a pair of rubber gloves or a swimming cap if you’re unable to source suitable material.

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To download the file(s) for this design, please click here. If you’d like to learn more about ordering a print or requesting a design modification, please see our 3D Design and 3D Printing services page.