If you’d like to contribute to our mission of making bespoke accessibility aids available to everybody in the world, then there are many ways in which you can help.

A few suggestions are listed below and you may also have your own ideas. All assistance is gratefully received. Simple call us on 0330 330 9794, email hello@enabl3d.me or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Ways you can help…

It doesn’t matter whether your contribution is small, large, one-off or regular, it all adds up and will go toward making a positive difference to someone’s life.

  • Let us know about new 3D aid designs
    Whether you design a new aid yourself or spot one on the internet, taking a moment to let us know means that we can add it to our library, making it easier to find for everyone else.
  • Introductions
    Perhaps you know of people or companies that could help? A quick email introduction can go a long way to making good things happen.
  • Design services
    If you are a 3D designer and would be willing to donate some of your time and expertise, that would really help us to produce more, more quickly and for more people. No commitment required.
  • Print services
    If you have a 3D printer or professional 3D print service and are able to print just one (or many) client designs, that would be hugely helpful in producing more, more quickly.
  • Materials donations
    Any new, spare or leftover materials in usable condition would be gratefully received for use producing client aids and test prints.
  • Equipment donations
    Working printers and/or accessories will help us to scale production and serve more people in need.
  • Monetary donations
    If you want to support our mission and are able to donate money, please get in touch so that we can inform you how you donation will be used.
  • Overseas aid
    We are currently based in the UK, but our ambitions are global. 3D designs can easily be shared online for worldwide access. However, having people, 3D printers and distribution abroad will help to bring down costs for clients outside of the UK. If you are outside of the UK, know someone outside of the UK or can offer translation services, please contact us.