The ENABLE3D.ME library is a collection of designs which are freely available to download, modify and 3D print. The library features our own work as well as the work of other designers who have kindly made their designs available for anyone to use. We’ve taken the time to curate this collection of aids to make it easier for you to discover them. The work of other ‘makers’ will be clearly credited to them, with a link back to the online resource for you to download the original files.

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How to Use the 3D Designs

If you see design that you want to use, follow the link to download the file. There are many different options available to you depending on what you need…

3D Printing the Designs

Once you’ve downloaded the file, you can 3D print it on your own 3D printer. Alternatively you can send the file to any commercial 3D print service for them to print and post out to you upon completion. If you wish you can use our 3D print service.

Modifying the Designs

You may wish to modify and adapt the design to your needs before printing. This can be done in freely available CAD software or you can enlist a professional 3D designer to make those changes to the file for you. If you wish you can use our 3D design service.

If you do modify a design from us or another maker, please do let us know. We’d love to add it to the library so that other people can download and benefit from it too.

View all Aid Designs