Accessibility Handle for BT 4600 DECT Phone

This is a handle which is designed to clip onto a BT 4600 DECT Phone to aid grip. It is for those with weaker hands and/or limited mobility, and means that if grip is lost, the phone remains in the hand rather than dropping.

Links to download the free 3D design files can be found at the end of this article together with options to order a 3D print and/or design modification from us.

Thanks to ENABL3D.ME, I am thrilled with the handle for my phone. I am no longer worried about dropping it, which I frequently did, being unable to pick it up from being seated in my wheelchair. Just when I really needed it.

The handle has been designed in 2 parts. The clips slide easily onto the phone, then the handle simply clicks in place and holds them all together. The handle can be left in place whilst the phone is charging.

For further guidance on assembly and use, please see this short video…

To download the file(s) for this design, please click here. If you’d like to learn more about ordering a print or requesting a design modification, please see our 3D Design and 3D Printing services page.

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