Hi! My name is Mark and I’ve been a proud technology geek most of my life.

Disability, mobility, accessibility, enablement and independent living are important to me and close to my heart. In recent years I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how technology can be used for ‘good’ and how I can make a positive contribution to society by drawing on my passions and expertise.

Because any object imaginable can be produced quickly, inexpensively and with relative ease, 3D printing technology lends itself well to help with many of life’s challenges and overcome daily frustrations. However, the 3D printing revolution (where every home would have it’s own 3D printer) never happened. This is because the barrier to entry is still too high. The tasks of designing, preparing and printing 3D models is still very complex.

This is why I started ENABL3D.ME… to make bespoke, made-to-fit accessibility aids available to everyone.

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